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  1.If the area of a triangle is 24 and its base is 6, what is the length of the altitude to that base?

  A. 3

  B. 6

  C. 8

  D. 10

  E. unknown

  2.What is the average (arithmetic mean) of 4x + 5, 7x-6,and -8x+2?

  A. x + 1

  B. x + 1/3

  C. 3x + 1

  D. 3x + 1/3

  E. 3x + 3 1/3

  3.In a classroom of 35 students, 14 our male. What percent of the classroom is male?

  A. 14%

  B. 20%

  C. 30%

  D. 40%

  E. 50%

  4. If Jeff and Jimmy have less than 22 dollars between them, and Jeff has 8 dollars, which of the following could be the number of dollars that Jimmy has?




  A. I only

  B. III only

  C. I & III.

  D. I & II

  E. Neither I, II, nor III is correct.

  5. Stephanie drove at an average rate of 50 miles per hour for two hours and then increased her average rate by 50% for the next 3 hours. Her average rate of speed for the 5 hours was t miles per hour. What is the value of t?

  A. 55 mph

  B. 60 mph

  C. 65 mph

  D. 70 mph

  E. 75 mph

  6. If 1 alpha = 2 betas and 1 beta = 3 gammas, how many alphas are equal to 36 gammas?

  A. 6

  B. 12

  C. 36

  D. 72

  E. 108

  7. At Joes Steakhouse the hourly wage for a chef is 20% greater than that of a dishwasher, and the hourly wage of a dishwasher is half as much as the hourly wage of a manager. If a managers wage is $8.50 per hour, how much less than a manager does a chef earn each hour?

  A. $5.95

  B. $4.25

  C. $5.10

  D. $3.25

  E. $3.40

  8. A florist buys roses at $0.50 a piece and sells them for $1.00 a piece. If there are no other expenses, how many roses must be sold in order to make a profit of $300?

  A. 100

  B. 150

  C. 200

  D. 300

  E. 600

  9. A certain pump can drain a full 375-gallon tank in 15 minutes. At this rate, how many more minutes would it take to drain a full 600-gallon tank?

  A. 9

  B. 15

  C. 18

  D. 24

  E. 25

  10.What is the perimeter of a rectangle with side lengths of 8 and 3?

  a. 6

  b. 11

  c, 16

  d. 22

  e. 25

  11.The base angles of an isosceles triangle are:






  12.How many points are necessary to define a line?

  a. One

  b. Two

  c. Three

  d. Four

  e. Infinite

  13.Two cars start from the same place two hours apart. The first car travels at 10 miles per hour and the second travels at 15 miles per hour. How many hours after the second car leaves does it take for the second car to catch up?

  a. 1

  b. 2

  c. 3

  d. 4

  e. 5

  14.What interest rate is necessary to get $1000 in interest over 2 years on a $10000 investment?

  a. 4%

  b. 5%

  c. 6%

  d. 7%

  e. 8%

  15.The sum of 14 consecutive integers is 217. What is the sixth number in the series?

  a. 13

  b. 14

  c. 15

  d. 16

  e. 17

  16.Paul needs to be at a meeting in 20 minutes. If his office is 15 miles away, how fast does he need to drive to get there on time, in miles per hour?

  a. 15

  b. 20

  c. 30

  d. 40

  e. 45